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Tree Pruning

PruningHigh-quality, expert tree pruning has been the cornerstone of ATC's residential tree service line for more than 30 years.

Expert pruning, provided by ATC trained arborists, improves the health and appearance of trees, prolonging their useful life through the removal of undesirable branches, whether they are dead, weakened, diseased or insect-infested. ATC's standards have been adopted by the industry standards. 


Tree and Shrub Fertilization


Well-nourished trees and shrubs have better resistance to disease, insect attack and drought.  ATC PRO deep-root & systemic injection fertilizers can help keep your trees and shrubs healthier, promoting the luxurious foliage that adds beauty and value to your property.

 ATC PRO is injected directly into the root-zone area or vascular tissue for maximum benefits. Its low salt index and slow-release action allow nutrients to be applied more economically as it does not burn delicate feeding roots.


Insect and Disease Management

Damage and destruction caused by insects and diseases can severely limit the ability of trees and shrubs in your landscape to manufacture the sugars and substances needed to remain healthy.

As a tree's health suffers and declines, the odds for defoliation and death sharply increase. A specialized ATC Plant Health Care program for trees and shrubs is the most logical step toward managing the spread of harmful insects and devastating diseases.


Tree Care Services

We give you more.

Each local ATC arborist is well-trained and supported by the latest tree care science and technology. But that is only part of our tree service specialty. Exceeding your expectations is equally important. This means communicating with you before, during and - often most importantly - after the sale.

To learn more about the tree services provided by your local ATC arborist,

please call East Coast 814-808-6098 or West Coast 669-253-3621


Cabling and Bracing

 For large, weak, or split crotches, bracing is used to give direct support and reduce twisting strain on the tree. A metal rod is inserted through the crotch, and two more cables are placed above it.

Tree and Shrub Planting


residential tree services tree plantingHaving the right tree or shrub in the right place can make all the difference in the beauty and value of your property. Your local ATC arborist can help determine what tree species will best complement your property and withstand the stress of your local environment. Through our large tree moving division we can move or transplant trees with a trunk diameter as small as 2 inches or as large as 12 inches or more.


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