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Aspiring Arborist Summer Work Programs


Our 4 year program compliments the School System Biology & Science Programs. Wetting their appetite on Arbor Day each year, planting trees, demonstration of Climbing skills. Following up on Career Day with a coinciding Open Book Exam on the Art & Science of Practical Rigging, 10-20 Students are picked each year based on Attendance, Aptitude, Assertiveness, & Work Ethic. We certify them on Rope and Rescue Techniques, Rope & Tool Craft. Complimenting the School System we instill the 4 ways they grow; mentally, physically, socially, & spiritually. Developing these skills, knowledge, and appetite to pursue excellence in all they do will have lifelong impact on all the lives they touch.

Working 30 hours per week, during the summer, with homework including Latin, and Common Names they are ever increasing their value to the community, home and themselves. We follow this with a week long camp relishing the journey, and giving them a right of Passage as they are encouraged to return as Jr Staff the following summer, with a sense of purpose, responsibility and desire to be good stewards of our most renewable urban resource.

As Junior Staff, they orchestrate graduation of the years candidates, and begin training them in the 10 Domains of the International Society of Arboriculture. Upon their 4th Semester we pay for and transport them to take their exam to be Certified Arborist's. They then can work anywhere in the world their heart desires. If you would like your homestead or business to be considered as an outdoor classroom at 30% reduction or would like to become part of this continuing education program, sites are limited for the summer session. Please contact your local office for more details.  



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